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AcuScan, Inc. Case Study
Tiffany Dean
GEN 480- Capstone
Bill Barker
December 12, 2005

AcuScan, Inc. Case Study
    The University of Phoenix implores the use of Case Studies to provide real world experience to students. The AcuScan, Inc. case study tests the students¬°¬¶ critical thinking skills and their ability to evaluate assumptions and soundness of arguments, recognize the difference between logical and emotional responses, identify fallacious analysis and problems, create alternative solutions to the identified problems and select the most optimal solution, and lastly, predict the outcome of the selected solution. Students demonstrate these skills in two-parts, an analysis of the AcuScan company problem and an executive summary for the CEO.
Part One-Analysis
Describe all assumptions seen in any documents provided by each individual.
Kelly Thomas the Senior Engineer of Product Development makes several assumptions. Kelly assumes the modifications proposed by Pat Lambert cannot be completed by August, the programmers will not have time to develop and test the product due to staff reductions from the previous year, and if complete, the product will not meet the previous iScanner quality. Kelly further makes assumptions about Pat including, Pat is not aware of the need for quality control, Pat is inexperienced with the iScanner product and lacks the required technological background, and Pat attempted to undercut Kelly by communicating directly to his staff.
Pat Lambert the new Director of Marketing also makes several assumptions. Pat assumes that the modifications proposed are simple additions to the current iScanner product, such modifications can be complete to some degree by August, being first in the ...
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B2B V. B2C Supply Chains

In the age of technology business has come a long way and evolved tremendously. It used to be that brick and mortar was the only way to open and run a business. However, the internet has changed all of that now businesses can use technology to reach customers and other businesses all over the world. This has caused a great surge in the world wide economy. In 2003 Business to Business (B2B) commerce tipped the scales at $1.41 Trillion. This is in comparison to Business to Consumer (B2C) that was $90.1 Billion (Naraine, R.2003). All of these purchases need to get transported and that is where businesses supply chains come in play. Contrary to popular belief the supply chains of B2B and B2C are not the same both have unique qualities. This paper will define the term supply chain. Then it will define the terms B2B and B2C. Finally, it will explain how the supply chain differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site and provide examples.
Supply Chain : According to a supply chain is the series of channels a product takes from its initial production to reach it?s finally destination (Learn That, 2004). A typical example of this chain of events that occurs in everyday life would be when a guest walks into a Target Store and purchases a X Box Game. The supply chain begins with the guest and the need for the game. Then it continues to the brick and mortar store. This Target store receives its product from the Target Distribution Center. The Target Distribution center receives the product from the manufacturer. Finally, the manufacturer receives the raw products from several other suppliers. This basic supply chain is liquid and continuously goes back and forth....

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